Netagent Status Reporting

Review real-time Netagent status and service configuration in the Command Center

  • Updated on Jan 21, 2021

This article describes features that are only available in the Banyan Enterprise edition.


When you install and run the Banyan Enforcement Component, Netagent (in either Host Agent or Access Tier mode), it will register with the Banyan Command Center. Then, when you create a Hosted Service in the Banyan Command Center to provision secure access to your internal services, you can select which Netagents this service definition should apply to. The Hosted Service definition gets automatically distributed to all the selected Netagents, regardless of which cloud environment or cluster they are running in.

The Command Center shows you the current status of each Netagent deployed in your organization in the Directory & Infrastructure section.

The Command Center also shows you the actual service configurations managed by each Netagent, in 2 views:

  • (a) Netagent View - which Services are being secured by a given Netagent (in either Access Tier or Host Agent mode)
  • (b) Service View - which Netagents are enforcing security policies for a given Service

These capabilities are especially helpful when auditing and troubleshooting Netagents and services in your organization.

Netagent Status

A Netagent can have one of two statuses:

  • Reporting – Netagent is fully operational.
  • Terminated – Netagent is not operational, potentially due to Netagent being disabled or other issues in your environment or deployment.

You cannot currently delete a terminated Netagent from the Command Center. If you need to remove a terminated Netagent today, please contact Banyan Support. We are working on a feature to expose this capability to Org Admins.

If you are experiencing issues with a Reporting Netagent, generate a support bundle and request support from Banyan. You cannot generate a support bundle for Terminated Netagents.

Netagent Service Configuration

You can see which Services are handled by a Netagent in two views:

(a) Netagent View

To see which Services are being secured by a given Netagent (in either Access Tier or Host Agent mode), navigate to Directory & Infrastructure > Access Tiers, or Directory & Infrastructure > Host Agents.

Then, select a Site Name or Hostname from the list, and then click on the Services tab.

(b) Service View

To view which Netagents are enforcing security policies for a Service, navigate to Manage Services > Hosted Services, select a service, and then select the Netagent Details tab.