Trust Factors

An overview of Trust Factors, their origin, and their impact on devices’ Trust Levels

  • Updated on May 21, 2024
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Trust Factors Overview

A Trust Factor is an attribute (visible to end users on their devices) that is evaluated against admin-defined criteria, used as input in the device Trust Scoring calculation. There are two types of Trust Factors: Cloud Secure Edge-sourced factors and externally sourced factors. Cloud Secure Edge-sourced factors are available when the app is deployed onto a user’s device; Externally sourced factors require a Trust Integration to be configured.

Admins select which Trust Factors will be applied to specific sets of devices when creating a Trust Profile. Devices that match a given Trust Profile’s criteria then must also satisfy the Trust Factors applied to them, in order to maintain a high Trust Level. Information on Trust Factor satisfaction is collected from devices and continuously evaluated in the Command Center.

Supported Trust Factors by Operating System

The table below lists all Trust Factors supported by specific operating systems.

TrustScore Factor macOS Windows Linux iOS Android
Auto Updates    
Disk Encryption    
Not Jailbroken      
Application Check    
Screen Lock      
OS Version
File Check    
Banyan App Version    


  • Only registered devices can collect Trust Factors.
  • Trust Factors are language-agnostic on devices.
  • External factors can be configured to override a device’s Trust Score via an API.

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