API Object - connector

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023

Connector Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Name        string `json:"name"`
	DisplayName string `json:"display_name"`

Connector Spec

type Spec struct {
  	// API Key with satellite scope used to authenticate the Connector	
	APIKeyID        string           `json:"api_key_id"`
	// IP address range of your private network, specified in CIDR notation
	CIDRs           []string         `json:"cidrs"`
	// Domains to resolve at the Connector, which uses the DNS in your private network
	Domains         []string         `json:"domains,omitempty"`
	// Send a keepalive packet to the server endpoint every interval seconds
	// If not set, defaults to 20 seconds. Set to 0 to turn off
	Keepalive       int64            `json:"keepalive"`

	// Disable Source Network Address Translation so the source IP address of the traffic is the actual client’s IP address instead of the NAT-ed address.
	// If you disable SNAT, you need to ensure that your private network is configured to route traffic correctly back to the client.
	DisableSnat     bool             `json:"disable_snat"`

	// Access Tiers to connect to
	// Typically set to [{"cluster":"global-edge","access_tiers":["*"]}]
	PeerAccessTiers []PeerAccessTier `json:"peer_access_tiers"`	

type PeerAccessTier

type PeerAccessTier struct {
	Cluster     string   `json:"cluster"`
	AccessTiers []string `json:"access_tiers"`

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