Banyan Chrome Extension

  • Updated on Nov 02, 2023

Note: In order to use Banyan’s Chrome Extension, users must have the Banyan Chrome Version Trust Factor active on their devices.

The Banyan Chrome Extension is a lightweight browser extension that can be installed in Chromium-based browsers (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc) to allow end-users to access Hosted Websites and SaaS Applications secured with Banyan.

The Banyan Chrome Extension is designed for “clientless” or “unmanaged device” scenarios where users may not run on an organizations’s device security stack (MDM, EDR, VPN) and cannot install a full-featured Banyan desktop app or mobile app. The extension utilizes Banyan’s Device Trust Verification framework in lieu of a trusted device certificate installed in the device’s Keychain or Certificate Store.

The Banyan Chrome Extension can benefit the following user groups:

  • users without admin permissions on their device
  • vendors or contractors that prevent or restrict installing an agent for access to resources


1. Install the Banyan Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. The Banyan icon should now appear as a Chrome extension in your browser. Select this icon to register, sign in, and use Banyan services.

For Zero Touch installation steps, see this doc.

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