Enabling Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT) Rules

How to enable NRPT rules for Windows devices connected to Service Tunnel

  • Updated on Jun 07, 2024
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NRPT rules overview

Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT) rules tell end users’ (Windows) devices where to send traffic. While the primary traffic direction method is via the CSE desktop app, some Windows devices require NRPT Rules support for DNS resolution.

Note: We only recommend enabling the NRPT Rules setting when Cisco Umbrella is installed on end users’ devices.

How to enable NRPT rules in your org

  1. In the Command Center, navigate from Settings > Configurations > Service Tunnels.

  2. Under Use NRPT rules for Windows DNS resolution, select Enable.

Note: Once Enabled, the NRPT functionality will take up to 1 hour to come into effect.

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