Time-based One-Time Passcode for Admins

A setting to validate local admins in SonicWall Cloud Secure Edge (CSE)

  • Updated on May 31, 2024


Admin Sign-on Settings now includes a setting to enable a Time-based One-Time Passcode (TOTP) for local admins in CSE. If enabled, all local admins logging into the Command Center will be required to set up and validate with a TOTP.

Steps to Configure TOTP (for local admins)

Step 1: Choose an authenticator app

On first login (after TOTP has been enabled), local admins will need to configure TOTP using an authenticator app (e.g., Google Authenticator or 1Password).

Step 2: Copy the code into the chosen authenticator app

Note: Local admins can use any authenticator app that supports the TOTP standard.

Local admins must take a picture of the QR code or copy the base32 code into their authenticator app. The app will generate a response code.

Step 3: Enter the one-time passcode

Enter the response code into the One-Time Passcode field, and then select Continue.

Step 4: Validate using one-time passcode for future logins

Once the TOTP is configured, local admins will be prompted for a one-time passcode on every login. Copy the response code from the authenticator app (chosen in Step 1), and enter it into the One-Time Passcode field in CSE.

Additional Support

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