Device Geolocation Trust Factor

  • Updated on Jun 07, 2024

Device Geolocation Trust Factor Overview

The Device Geolocation Trust Factor assesses whether devices are in admin-blocked countries. Use the Device Geolocation Trust Factor if your org has specific legal, compliance, or expected use requirements that require user access to be blocked in specific countries.

How to add Device Geolocation as a Trust Factor

1. In the Command Center, navigate from Trust > Profiles.

2. Either select an existing Trust Profile or create a new one.

3. Under the Trust Factors tab, select + Add Trust Factors if creating a new Trust Profile; select Edit and then +Add Trust Factors if adding new Trust Factors to an existing Trust Profile. Select Device Geolocation.

4. Set the Trust Effect. The Trust Effect is the Trust Level that the device will be set to if the device is in one of the countries selected.

5. Select the countries in which the Geolocation Trust Factor will fail devices’ Trust Level and block access.

6. Set whether the Geolocation Trust Factor will be satisfied in cases where the device’s geolocation cannot be determined. If Enabled, devices with an unknown location will satisfy the Trust Factor and the device’s Trust Level will not be impacted.

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