Manage Roles

  • Updated on Jul 14, 2023


The Banyan Command Center allows you to define Roles. These roles can be defined by user attributes (e.g., role type or emails), device attributes (e.g., device ownership type, OS, and device serial number), and/or Service Accounts. Once configured, Banyan Roles can be attached to Banyan Access Policies, and Banyan Policies are attached to Banyan-protected Services.

Create a Role

To create a Role, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Add a Role

1. In Banyan’s Command Center, navigate from Secure Access > Roles, and then select + Add Role.

Step 2: Configure your Role based on Users, Devices, and/or Service Accounts

2.1 Name your Role.

2.2 Under the User Based Role tab, select whether you’d like configure the Role according to User Groups (e.g., Admins) or specific User Emails. If you opt to configure based on User Group, select a Group from the dropdown menu; if you opt to configure based on User Emails, enter the applicable emails.

2.3 Under the Device Based Role tab, configure the Role according to Device Ownership, OS Platform, and/or Device Serial Number.

2.4 Determine whether you want to enable the role for only registered devices (i.e., By Device Registration) or for only devices deployed by MDM.

2.5 If applicable, under the Service Account Based Roles tab, add a Service Account to your Role.

2.6 Save your new Role.

View Role Details

View linked Policies

To view which Banyan Policies your Role has been added to, navigate from Secure Access > Roles > the Linked Policies tab.

View Devices associated with the Role

To view which devices your Role applies to, navigate from Secure Access > Roles > the Devices tab. Here you can view details related to the device name, the serial number, the device count, and last login time.

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