Banyan Terraform Provider

  • Updated on Nov 07, 2023
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Banyan Terraform Provider Overview

Terraform is an “infrastructure as code” tool that lets users define corporate resources in human-readable configuration files. A Terraform Provider is a plugin that lets users manage external APIs, facilitating Terraform’s communications with various cloud providers, databases, and services.

Banyan’s Terraform Provider offers zero-trust code that can securely manage the lifecycle of the following:


  • Terraform 0.13+ installed on your workstation
  • API Key for programmatic access to the Banyan Command Center REST APIs

Use Banyan Terraform Provider

Step 1: Install Terraform

1.1 Install Terraform and check the version:

terraform version

Step 2: Install the Banyan Terraform Provider

2.1 In your preferred directory, create a file using the following command:


2.2 To install Banyan’s Terraform Provider, configure the file using the code below:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    banyan = {
      source = "banyansecurity/banyan"
      version = "<insert version number>"

provider "banyan" {
  api_token = "<banyan-api-token>"
  host = ""

3.2 Once configured, run the following command:

terraform init

This will initialize the backend and generate the following output:

Get Started

To get started with the Banyan Terraform Provider, please refer to our documentation via Terraform Registry. If you need to review or customize the provider, you can grab the source code for the module from our open-source Github repo.

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