Single Sign On using SAML2.0

Enable SSO authentication to the Banyan Command Center using SAML2.0

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023


Admin access to the Banyan Command Center can be configured for Single Sign On Identity Provider via the SAML2.0 protocol. Most SSO SAML providers can be configured following these instructions, however you can also review step-by-step instructions for Okta and Azure AD.


1. Configure your SAML2.0 Identity Provider (IdP)

In your IdP, enter the following values so Banyan is set up as a Service Provider (SP).

A) Single Sign On URL

The Banyan Org Settings page will provide you a Single Sign On (SAML ACS) URL of the form https://net.banyanops.comapi/v1/sso?orgname=your_org_name.

Place this parameter where your IdP asks for:

  • Assertion Consumer Service URL (also called Recipient or Single Sign On URL)
  • Service Provider Entity ID (also called Audience URI or Service Provider Issuer)

B) Assertion Subject Statements

Banyan uses your email address as your username, so set that in the Assertion Subject Statements.

  • Name ID Format should be EmailAddress
  • Application Username should be Email

C) Other Notes

Some IdP’s ask for the Service Provider Certificate - this is used to verify the signature of SAML requests, but it is safe to skip this step.

2. Configure your Org Setting in the Banyan Command Center

In the Banyan Command Center, in the Org Settings page, set the Identity Provider to SAML 2.0. Then, enter the following details.

A) Identity Provider Metadata

You can enter either your Identity Provider’s Metadata URL or the “raw” Metadata XML file from your Identity Provider.

Banyan will automatically obtain the IdP SSO URL, IdP Entity ID, IdP x.509 Certificate, IdP Issuer URL and other parameters needed to set up SAML 2.0.

B) Identity Provider Issuer URL

As a configuration check, also provide the IdP Issuer URL.

C) Save the configuration

Click on the “Update Settings” button to save the configurations.

D) (Optional) Set the Admin Profiles

By default, admins who access the Banyan Command Center using SAML are assigned a “ReadOnly” profile. You can update their profile in the Org Settings section of the Command Center.

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