Release Notes (2022-07-28)

This section lists the new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and components available in the latest version of the Banyan Platform

  • Updated on Jul 28, 2022

Review past release notes here and current limitations (and workarounds) of the Banyan Platform here.

2022-07-28 Release Highlights

Generally Available Features

Enhancements and Updates

  • Service Tunnel enhancements:

    • Desktop app users will now see an error if validation fails while attempting to connect.

    • the Run Diagnostic Tool now collects logs related to Service Tunnel.

  • The Support link has been removed from the desktop app.

Bug fixes

  • [Resolved] Auto-Update TrustScore factor was showing as disabled when JAMF config profile was used.

  • [Resolved] Device registration was failing for Mac users if the device hostname was missing.

  • [Resolved] Netagent logs were not being collected through Netagent Support Bundle

  • [Resolved] Websocket connections were not being closed in certain conditions.

2022-07-21 Release Highlights

Enhancements and Updates

  • Performance and stability improvements

2022-07-14 Release Highlights

Enhancements and Updates

  • Use multiple Access Tier instances with the same hostname:

    • Multiple Netagent instances with the same hostname are now able to run at the same time.

2022-07-07 Release Highlights

Enhancements and Updates

  • Access Activity tab for Service Tunnel:

    • The Access Activity tab indicates which authorized users and devices recently accessed the Service Tunnel.

Bug Fixes

  • [Resolved] Banyan’s Private DNS resolution was case-sensitive; DNS resolution is no longer case-sensitive.

  • [Resolved] Enhanced DNS routing was not resolving correctly for Windows.

Component Versions

Client Components Server Components Management Components
Desktop App* v3.2.0 (Changelog) Netagent* v1.46.0 (Changelog) Shield v1.43.0 (Changelog)
Mobile App v2.0.1 (Changelog) Connector v1.4.0 (Changelog)  

* Updated in the latest release