Release Notes (2023-09-20)

This section lists the new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and components available in the latest version of the Banyan Platform

  • Updated on Sep 21, 2023


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2023-09-20 Release Highlights

Early Preview Features

  • Chrome Version Trust Factor (for Banyan Chrome Extension):

    • Banyan’s Chrome Version Trust Factor is designed to help admins keep their end users’ devices on the latest Chrome browser versions, to reduce security risk and protect resources.
    • This Trust Factor assesses whether the device’s Chrome version is equal to the admin-configured version.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Trust Scoring and Internet Threat Protection (ITP) without the desktop app running:

  • Authorized Connection events were removed from hosted web services in Netagent.

  • Support for non-standard websockets (like, enabled through a new API option:

    • Set enable_websocket_duplex to true via Access Tier’s local config API call (PUT).
    • Then, regression test WebSocket support and ensure it’s still functional.

Bug Fixes

  • [Resolved] End users were receiving a ‘Could not fetch devices’ error when switching networks on the desktop app.
  • [Resolved] Access Tiers were collecting stale certificates from outdated services.
  • [Resolved] Admins were unable to view or access select policies.
  • [Resolved] Command Center does not show API key (mdm_config) after using patch API (/v2/orgs/{id}/mdm_config) to update fields.

Component Versions

Client Components Server Components Management Components
Desktop App* v3.12.0 (Changelog) Netagent* v2.7.3 (Changelog) Shield* v1.55.3 (Changelog)
Mobile App v2.2.2 (Changelog) Connector v1.14.2 (Changelog)  

* Updated in the latest release

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