Service Tunnel Discovery

Automatically discover resources accessed via Service Tunnels

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023
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Note: Currently, this feature is disabled by default. Please work with Banyan’s team to enable this feature.

Service Tunnel Discovery Overview

The Discovery feature provides admins with a clear display of records detailing which resources are being accessed by users on Service Tunnels. Banyan collects and compiles common resources accessed via Service Tunnels and displays these resources in a list (called a Tunnel Inventory) inside Banyan’s Command Center. This provides admins with easy visibility into VPN activity and better positions admins to transition from a VPN model to zero-trust network access (ZTNA).


  • an enabled Service Tunnel
  • an Access Tier v2.1
  • Routing to public domains that use IPv4 (Banyan does not currently support IPv6)

How it Works

Tunnel Inventory

Note: In order for a unique record to appear in the Tunnel Inventory, DNS resolution is required (rather than just direct IP access).

The Tunnel Inventory can be found in the Command Center, under Manage Services > Discovered Resources > Tunnel Inventory. The Tunnel Inventory is a list of unique records showing access to an enabled Service Tunnel in an org. Each unique record consists of a domain name or an IP address, as well as a port number.

Details Page

Users, devices, resources accessed, and time of accessing are displayed in the Details Page.

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