Known Issues

This section lists the current known limitations (and available workarounds) of the Banyan Platform

  • Updated on Jul 21, 2022

(FD-785) Device TrustScore Limitations for Linux-RPM


The Linux-RPM version of the Desktop App does not currently support TrustScoring for up-to-date OS or Org Preferred Apps.

Banyan Components:

Desktop App


We are actively improving support for Fedora-based Linux distributions.

Fixed Issues

(Fixed in r3.92) Service Test Connection fails if one of the Access Tiers fails

(Fixed in r3.83) “Device Certificate not provided” authentication error on certain types of Native Apps

(Fixed in r.3.12) Banyan MobileApp Does Not Support Role-based OTP Exemption

(FD-122, Fixed in r.2.50) Source IP Exceptions in Policy will not work with Services that require SNI

(FD-757, Fixed in r2.30) Target Parameter when Specifying OIDC Exemptions

(FD-212, Fixed in r2.11) HTTP to HTTPS Redirection

(FD-467, Fixed in r2.10) OIDC Path Exemptions

(FD-294, Fixed in r2.5) SAML Admin Capabilities