Release Notes Archive

This section lists the features, enhancements, bug fixes, and components available in the past versions of SonicWall's Cloud Secure Edge (formerly Banyan)

  • Updated on May 21, 2024

Refer to the current release notes here for the latest Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) Product features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Generally Available Features

  • Search Domains:

  • Admins can now configure search domains so that end users can use a short-hand search (i.e., a hostname) to navigate to an FQDN, enabling easier use of file sharing.
  • Admins can set search domains in order of priority; users are navigated to top priority search domains first. (Last updated April 18th, 2024)

  • New Service Tunnel UI:

    • Service Tunnel features a new long-form configuration.
    • Global and Private Edge routing is now configurable via one Service Tunnel.
  • Connect on Login:

    • End users can auto-connect to admin-configured Service Tunnels upon app login.
    • Admins can prevent users in their org from changing the auto-connected Service Tunnel.
  • System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM):

    • SCIM can tell the Command Center which users exist at any given time, keeping the list of created and deleted users up-to-date.

Early Preview Features

  • Connector Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) Install:

    • An OVA file is available within a Linux-based operating system, with the Connector pre-installed.
    • Admins can run the Connector for their end users via a simple configuration.
  • Geolocation Visibility Events:

    • End user location logs are now available in Events log.
    • Access Event Logs can contain geolocation data including city, country, latitude, and longitude.
    • This event is enabled via an API; Work with Banyan to enable it.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Global Edge Troubleshooting:

    • When a device is connected to a Service Tunnel, the Device Details page (in the Command Center) will indicate which point of presence (POP) the device is connected to (under the Device Information tab).

Bug Fixes

Admins were unable to create a Service Tunnel for public traffic only without selecting a Connector. (Last updated April 19th, 2024)

Early Preview Features

  • Enable URL Filtering:

  • Admins can now inspect host URLs within domains that are not considered a threat.
  • Admins can configure URL filtering within ITP settings using a PAC file that contains URL inspection rules.

  • Event Charting:

    • Admins can now view trends related to user access and service usage within Banyan.
    • Event charting provides a visualization of events within the Command Center.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Active Roles in Internet Threat Protection (ITP) Policies:

  • Roles used in ITP policies now show as Active.

  • Terraform Exemptions:

    • Terraform now supports exemptions within service configurations.

Bug Fixes

  • Private domain names were not working as expected in L4 policies in Global Edge deployments.

Early Preview Features

  • Create a Custom Public App:

  • Admins can now define public apps that Banyan has not already pre-populated in the App Discovery list in the Command Center.
  • This new feature allows admins to easily surface, secure, and monitor apps that are critical to their business.
  • Support for Oracle Linux in the OS Version Trust Factor:

Enhancements & Updates

  • Simplified Silent Cert Authentication:

    • Silent cert authentication now works directly through the API in orgs that have the silent cert auth flow configured; Admins no longer need to maintain the mdm-config file in order for this flow to work.

Bug Fixes

  • Authentication issues for devices with ITP enabled in orgs that use JAMF mdm (macOS devices only).

Generally Available Features

  • Cloud Command Center User Interface (UI) Re-design:

  • Banyan’s Command Center UI has been re-designed for improved usability.
  • New navigation categories include Private Access, Internet Access, and Trust.

Early Preview Features

  • Silent Cert Authentication for User Sessions:

  • Admins can now configure silent certificate user authentication for Mac and Linux devices.
  • With this configuration, users will no longer need to manually accept a certificate prompt each time they authenticate.
  • This configuration works for any IDP that supports OIDC or SAML.

Enhancements & Updates

  • Improved Netagent performance by lowering overall CPU usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Banyan app was still using previously configured (outdated) remediation links.

  • Zero touch install script (deployed through Kandji) was failing to execute and timing out.

  • App login sessions were not refreshing when users selected the Re-Login button.

  • AI-assisted admin search was indefinitely loading.

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