API Objects

Understand how Banyan objects are represented in the Banyan API, and how to express them in JSON

  • Updated on Jun 29, 2023

Banyan API objects are presistent entities in the Banyan platform. Banyan uses these entities to represent the state of your organization’s connectivity and security. To work with Banyan API objects - whether to create, modify, or delete them - you use Banyan’s Restful API.

API Object Details

The following API objects are publicly documented:

API Object Syntax

All Banyan API objects follow a standard format and are internally managed via the golang language. Every API object contains the following attributes. Metadata represents data that helps uniquely identify the object and explain what it does. Spec represents the actual specification of the object.

type Object struct {
  Kind       string `json:"kind"`
  APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion"`
  Type       string `json:"type"`
  Metadata          `json:"metadata"`
  Spec              `json:"spec"`

type Kind

Kind specifies one the objects detailed below

Kind       string `json:"kind"`

type APIVersion

APIVersion should be set to “rbac.banyanops.com/v1”

APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion"`

type Type

Type (unused) is used to distinguish between different types of objects

Type       string `json:"type"`

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