Set up a directory of users

Integrate SonicWall's Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) with your Identity Provider to create a directory of users that can access your Services

  • Updated on May 16, 2024

For security reasons, CSE handles Admins and Users completely separately.
- Admins manage access control security policies via the Command Center web console and API. To manage admins, refer to the articles on managing admins.
- Users use their Devices to access Services that are secured by CSE’s enforcement components.


Cloud Secure Edge integrates with your Identity Providers so your end users can be authenticated via authentication federation.

CSE secures user identity data and simplifies the user experience by automating User identity lifecycle management: CSE’s IDP integrations allow for Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning of User accounts, as well as Group and Role information updating upon login. Updates to the User directory or IDP are reflected in CSE with each new login, allowing for changes in Users’ authorization without requiring admins to make any manual changes to Roles or Access policies.

Identity Provider Setup Guides

Identity Providers and CSE Features

The table below lists some common Identity Providers and the CSE features supported by them.

Feature       Okta       OneLogin  AzureAD   SAML IdPs
(GSuite etc.) 
Register Desktop & Mobile Devices
Access to Hosted Services - Web (guide)
Access to Hosted Services - TCP (guide)
Device Policies for SaaS Apps (guide)
CSE Roles Based on Groups Set Up in IDP
Identity Federation for Device Policies for SaaS (guide) (coming soon)  
Passwordless Authentication (guide) (coming soon) (coming soon)  

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