Register the Desktop App & Supported OSs

  • Updated on Apr 09, 2024


This doc outlines how to install and register users to Banyan’s desktop app, manually and automatically.

Supported OSs

Banyan’s desktop app can be installed on the following Operating Systems:

OS Operating System Versions
macOS 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura, 14 Sonoma
Windows Windows 10, Windows 11
Linux 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS; Fedora 35, Fedora 36 (certutil must be installed); Oracle Linux 8 and 9

Steps for manually installing and registering to Banyan’s desktop app


Banyan’s desktop app can be downloaded through the following link:

Once this link is opened, the desktop app will automatically download to your device.


The desktop app securely registers an end user’s device, allowing orgs to roll out a zero-trust security model, whereby corporate apps are only accessible to registered devices. By default, Banyan’s device registration flow is designed in adherence to a zero-trust security model, and it requires end users to complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the Invite Code (needed to register devices to the desired organization).
  2. Authenticate with the organization’s Identity Provider.
  3. Set the device ownership type.

Once these steps have been completed, a Trusted Device Certificate will be issued for the device and placed in the device’s keychain or certificate manager.

Steps for zero touch installation and registration

Note: Zero touch is not yet supported on Linux.

The desktop app can be packaged and distributed to your device fleet in zero touch mode, requiring no interaction at all from end users. Zero touch mode does not require an end user to be an admin on the device.

Deployment, installation, and registration take place in a matter of seconds; This is why zero touch mode is the recommended way to deploy the desktop app in a production roll out.

(a) Zero touch installation and registration for macOS

(b) Zero touch installation and registration for Windows

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