Device Identity Using Certificates Installed by a Device Manager

Configure Banyan to trust device certificates managed by your organization's Device Manager

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023


Many organizations deploy device certificates to all managed devices using an enterprise Certificate Authority (CA), such as Symantec. You can configure Banyan to trust Device Certificates issued by your enterprise CA and distributed by your organization’s Device Manager.


  1. Gather the full certificate chain of the Root CA used to sign device certificates.

  2. Get the format used for the CN field of the Device Cert.

  3. In the Banyan Command Center, navigate to Settings > TrustProvider Settings > Device Manager.

  4. Set Device Manager Name to Device Cert Only, and then enter the Cert - Root CA (from step 1) and the Cert - Common Name (step 2).

  5. Click Update Device Cert.

These certificate values can be also be obtained from a managed device.

Cert Fields in Settings

Now, you have configured Banyan TrustProvider to trust device certificates managed by your organization’s Device Manager. Those devices can seamlessly access services secured by Banyan.

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