Quick Start Guide

Helpful guide to get you up and running quickly with Banyan

  • Updated on May 11, 2022

Welcome to Banyan! The articles in this section provide step-by-step details to successfully prepare your environment, deploy Banyan, and access a Banyan-secured service from a device.


This getting started guide does not apply to protecting SaaS Applications. If you’d like steps on how Banyan protects SaaS Applications, see Secure SaaS Applications.

Before proceeding to the quick start guides below, please ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. You must have an Organization provisioned in the Banyan Command Center

  2. You must be logged in to the Banyan Command Center as an Administrator

  3. You must have access to a server where you will install Banyan’s Server Component(s)


It’s simple to connect your network with Banyan’s platform and apply secure, least-privileged policies to specific resources based on user and device. Here is a summary of how to get started:

  1. Connect your network
    • Install the Banyan Access Tier or Connector in the network your resources are located in. Deploying this component allows you to define specific resources to allow access to.
  2. Set Up Directory
    • Integrate your Identity Provider or leverage Banyan Local Users in order to craft least privileged policies based on user and device.
  3. Publish Services
    • There are many types of services that can be registered inside the Banyan Command Center. Publishing Hosted Websites and Infrastructure allows access to specific internal resources. Publishing a Service Tunnel will provide access to a network range with device trust and continuous evaluation.
  4. Connect to Services from Registered Devices
    • Register your device with the Banyan Desktop App to connect to the service(s) you’ve published. The app provides feature collection to establish trust and associates the end user to assigned resources through a least privileged access model.

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