Distribute Banyan's Chrome Browser Extension using Google Workspace

  • Updated on Jan 09, 2024


Organizations can use Google Workspace to distribute and register Banyan’s Chrome Browser Extension to their entire fleet of managed devices.


Obtain your organizations Invite Code and Zero Touch Deployment Key

  • The INVITE_CODE value: This value can be found in Banyan’s Cloud Command Center under Settings > Banyan Client tab > Deployment tab.
  • The DEPLOYMENT_KEY value: This value can also be found under Settings > Banyan Client, under the sub-header Zero-Touch Deployment Using a Device Manager. Select the Copy icon to the right of the Deployment Key value, and enter the copied value into your script.

Zero Touch Installation for Banyan’s Chrome Extension

Complete the following steps:

1 Log into admin.google.com.

2 Navigate to Devices > Chrome browser > Apps & extensions.

3 Select the ‘add an app’ icon (bottom right of webpage). Enter the URL and the extension ID (elhejbgelofmplnbjjhfappebbianbjp).

4 Enter the Policy for extensions, which can be configured by entering your org’s invite code and your mdm deploy key.

{“inviteCode”: {“Value”:“INVITE_CODE”}, “mdmDeploymentKey”: {“Value”: “MDM_DEPLOYMENT_KEY”}}

5 Select an install option (e.g., Force install; Allow install).

6 Save.

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