Release Process

An overview of SonicWall's Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) feature release phases

  • Updated on May 21, 2024

Release Process Overview

The Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) product release process describes how CSE stages and releases new product features. All features fit within one of the labels below. The time each feature spends in a release phase varies depending on its scope and its impact. As such, non-GA features do not have a specific time to GA.

General Availability (GA)

Generally available features are fully-functional and available to all customers (according to subscription model). These features are fully QA tested and fully supported.

Tag Support
N/A Fully Supported
How to use GA features

Generally available releases can be used in production. Customers can use these fully-functional features and expect stable use.


Preview features are limited releases that are continually enhanced based on user feedback. As such, direct support from CSE is required. Preview features are expected to meet quality standards and are designed to become generally available in near future releases. Breaking changes may occur as updates are made, and, in such cases, CSE will promptly communicate remediation steps.

Tag Support
Preview Fully Supported
How to use Preview features

Work with SonicWall to enable beta features. Beta features are typically delivered in a non-production environment for ease of testing.

Cloud Secure Edge Labs

A Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) Labs release describes a new feature designed for a specific customer use case or academic purposes. Features released as part of CSE Labs require SonicWall’s direct support for use, as they possess non-trivial limitations. These features will move to general availability if there is significant demand for customer adoption.

Tag Support
N/A Limited Technical Support
How to use Cloud Secure Edge Labs features

Work directly with CSE’s Eng and Product teams to enable this feature. These features will be tested in a non-production environment; Sign-off is required for enabling this feature in production.

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