Manage API Keys

Configure service accounts and programattic access to view and edit configurations in the Banyan Command Center.

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023

API Keys

Admins can create and manage API keys for programmatic access to the Banyan Command Center REST APIs. Navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > API Keys to see the API keys for your org:

Every API key object has a Secret value that grants access to the Banyan Command Center REST APIs, and should be stored securely.

API Key Privilege Levels

API keys can be issued with the Admin privilege levels - Admin, ServiceAuthor, PolicyAuthor, EventWriter, ReadOnly - or at more specific scopes - satellite,access_tier, etc.

The table below lists the permissions associated with the Admin privilege levels:

Permissions       Owner             Admin       ServiceAuthor PolicyAuthor EventWriter ReadOnly
Create/Update/Delete Owners          
Create/Update/Delete Non-Owner Admins        
Manage Organization Settings        
Manage Services      
Manage Roles & Policies      
Manage Trust Profiles    
Submit Events
View Configurations
(Services, Policies, Events, Directory etc)

Revoking API Keys

API keys can be revoked at any time by deleting them. Any automation scripts that use a deleted API key will stop working immediately.

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