Welcome to SonicWall's Cloud Secure Edge Documentation

  • Updated on May 16, 2024

The documentation exists to help admins set up, configure, deploy, and manage SonicWall’s Cloud Secure Edge (CSE) components. Here is an overview of what’s covered in each section of our documentation:

Section                   Includes
Release Notes New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and new component versions available in the latest version of the Banyan Platform; also includes past release notes and current known limitations of Banyan
Introduction Key concepts, terminology, and architectural overviews of Banyan; an overview of common deployment models used to operationalize Banyan
Quick Start Guides Steps to get you up and running quickly with Banyan
Banyan Feature Guides Configuration docs for Banyan features
Banyan Components Detailed capabilities, specifications, changelogs, and configuration options for the Command Center, Banyan app, Access Tier, and Connector
API Guide How to automate security policies using Banyan’s RESTful API.

This documentation does not assist end users installing, registering, and using the Banyan app on their device. For end user documentation, please refer to Banyan’s Support site.

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