Register Custom Domains

Configure DNS so you can use your organization's domains to publish Banyan services

  • Updated on Apr 19, 2023


Banyan allocates a unique Banyan Org Domain - of the form {orgname} - for every organization that is provisioned in the Global Edge Network. Your Org Domain resolves via Public DNS to your organization’s Access Tiers managed in the Global Edge Network; we use geo-proximity routing so the Org Domain resolves to the IP address of the nearest Banyan Access Tier.

You can thus always publish Banyan services with the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the form: {service-domain-prefix}.{orgname} to your end users.

However, in many scenarios, you may need to publish applications on a custom domain that your organization owns and manages instead of on your assigned Banyan Org Domain. To accomplish this, you have to first register your custom domain with Banyan.

The table below describes these details for a representative organization named exampleorg:

Attribute Value
Org Name exampleorg
Banyan Org Domain
Banyan Org Domain Wildcard *
Service #1 (uses Org Domain)
Custom Domain *
Service #2 (uses Custom Domain)

In the example above, if you need to publishing a service with the FQDN, you can just utilize your Banyan Org Domain. However, in order to publish a service with FQDN, you first have to register your custom domain *


To register a custom domain, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1. In the Banyan Command Center, generate your Domain Validation TXT Record

1.1 Navigate to Directory & Infrastructure > Registered Domains and then click + Add Registered Domains.

1.2 Enter your custom domain details - Domain Name and Description

1.3 Click on “Generate TXT Record” to generate your domain validation record

Note that you can register individual ( custom domains as well as wildcard (* custom domains.

Step 2. In your DNS Registrar, create CNAME and TXT Records

2.1 Navigate to your DNS Registrar where you manage this custom domain’s DNS configuration

2.2 Create a TXT Record for Domain Validation

The TXT record proves to Banyan that you control this custom domain.

For the example above, the TXT record would look like: -TXT- NTExOTJi...mY4OA

2.3 Create a CNAME Record that maps your custom domain to the Banyan Org Domain Wildcard

The CNAME record will route your service traffic to the Banyan Global Edge Network.

For the example above, the CNAME record would look like:

* -CNAME- *

Step 3. Back in the Banyan Command Center, Save and Verify your Custom Domain

3.1 Click Save and Verify to confirm your Registered Domain.

Please allow up to 10 minutes while we validate the TXT record for your custom domain. Then, ensure the domain status shows Verified.

Domains can have a status of Verified or Pending.

That’s it! You have successfully registered your custom domain. Now you can publish Banyan services using this custom domain.


Existing Domains and Wildcard Precedence

Oftentime, you may already have several existing DNS entries in your DNS registrar. There might a concern that adding a wildcard DNS entry pointing to the Banyan Org Domain will disrupt existing entries.

Fortunately, a wildcard DNS entry will only resolve after the individual DNS entries. So, adding a wildcard will not disrupt existing DNS records.

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