Mobile App Changelog

  • Updated on Sep 01, 2022

Mobile app

Android v2.0.2 (Aug-25-2022)
  • Download v2.0.2 for Android
  • [Resolved] Device Trust Verification was not functioning correctly when the mobile app was turned on from deep sleep mode.
iOS v2.0.1 (Nov-23-2021)
  • Download v2.0.1 for iOS
  • In this version, we’ve re-introduced the shield icon in Device Trust Verification, which lets users enter challenge code as a verification method.
Android v2.0.1 (Sep-23-2021)
  • Download v2.0.1 for Android
  • Performance and stability improvements
iOS & Android v2.0.0 (Aug-26-2021)
iOS & Android v.1.10.0 (Jan-20-2021)
iOS & Android v.1.9.0 (Dec-02-2020)
  • Download v1.9.0 for iOS and Android
  • Send Device Features.
iOS & Android v.1.8.0 (Oct-01-2020)
  • Download v1.8.0 for iOS and Android
  • Support for iOS 14 and Android 11.
  • Support for Device Trust Verification.
iOS & Android v.1.6.0 (Aug-13-2020)
  • Download v1.6.0 for iOS and Android
  • Revamped Banyan Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) for performance and stability improvements.
iOS v.1.4.0 & Android v.1.3.1 (Mar-11-2020)
  • Initial release of Banyan Mobile App for iOS and Android.

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