Banyan Admin System Log

Review detailed logs for your organization in the Banyan Console

  • Updated on Dec 15, 2021

Admin System Logging

  • The Admin System Log provides a time-stamped log of administrators’ actions in the Banyan Console, so that their previous actions can be reviewed and understood for auditing purposes. In the log, you can view:

    • Actions that were taken (e.g., [policies, users, refresh tokens, etc.] that were [updated, disabled, enabled, added, deleted, etc.])
    • the administrator who executed each action;
    • the time at which the action was completed;
    • in-depth details about the action; and
    • written notes about the action (providing context for it).

Using the date picker

The date picker allows you to select a specific time frame within which you can view logged actions, to help to narrow down your search.

If you select the date picker menu (in the upper right corner of the page, with the default set to Last Week), you can then choose a timeframe for viewing logged actions.


The filter allows you to search for specific characteristics of a logged action to narrow down your search.

The filter search bar leads to a dropdown menu, filtering your search by either the Action, the Admin Email associated with the action, or the Type of action.

Selecting a log

Selecting a log from the System Log Viewer will show you more details related to the logged action as a data object (in the form of keys and variables). This way, you can view all in-depth details related to the action.

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