API Guide - Bootstrapping

  • Updated on Apr 27, 2022

Obtain one time key

If secure bootstrapping is enabled, a one-time-key is required to register the agent (Netagent) with a cluster coordinator (Shield). An agent can only be bootstrapped into, and registered with, one cluster at a time. Since a given Org can have multiple clusters, you need to specify which cluster you need to bootstrap into.

HTTP Request

GET /v1/one_time_security_key

URL Parameters


Query Parameters

Parameter Format Description
ClusterName String Name of cluster to register with

Request Headers

Authorization: Bearer $AUTHTOKEN

Request Body


Status Codes and Errors

Value Description
200 OK

Response Headers


HTTP Response Body

  "OneTimeKey": "3d645e21-ad93-4524-bb9d-7953024ad012",
  "OTKExpiryTime": "2019-04-30T06:30:00Z",
  "PublicAddr": "",
  "OTKEnabled": "TRUE"